Beginning with one kind of peach and nectarine, we now have several varieties of apricots, peaches, nectarines, and grapes.

Rival Apricots
Orange flesh, medium to large size, fresh eating dessert, available in early July.

Tilton Apricots
Orange flesh, smaller size, great fresh and for preserving, available in late July.

O'Henry Peaches
Yellow-flesh, freestone, great for fresh eating and best for preserving, available in September.

Red Haven Peaches
Yellow-flesh, easy to pit, great for fresh eating, available in August.

Blushing Star Peaches
White-flesh, freestone, great for fresh eating, preserving, available in September.

Red Gold Nectarines
Yellow-flesh, freestone pit, great for fresh eating and preserving, available in September.

Venus Grapes
Blue-black seedless grape, medium-large clusters with large berries.
Grapes are available in September.

Canadice Grapes
Seedless grape, medium clusters with small red berries.

Interlaken Grapes
Seedless grape, medium sized clusters with small, white berries