In 1991 a 26 acre piece of property with 3-½ acres of 1 & 2 year old peach and nectarine trees and an unperfected interruptible water right to irrigate 6 acres from the Columbia River was up for sale just north of Bridgeport, Washington. 

With the financial help of friends (The A’s in Rama), we bought the property and began our life long dream of creating a profitable and beneficial livelihood from the land. We immediately applied to the WSDA Organic Food Program and our farm has been certified organic since 1993. We also perfected our water right and have put the remainder of the 6 acres to beneficial use either in additional fruit crops or wildlife habitat. With the remaining acreage we have integrated alpacas to provide an on-farm nitrogen source, additional products to sell with our fruit at our farmers markets, and breeding stock.

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In 1995 we began direct marketing our fruit at the Methow Valley farmers market and expanded to several Seattle area farmers markets the next year. In addition to establishing the infrastructure needed to direct market (packing shed, coolers, delivery vans, etc), in 2008 we received our license for our on-farm organic processing kitchen and now offer frozen, canned, dried, and jammed organic fruit along with our fresh fruit and alpaca products. 

To supplement our natural pollinators we introduced honey bees to the farm in 2016 and each year plant additional pollinator flower beds.  The hives are thriving and producing lots of sweet farm foraged honey.