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Certified organic fruit since 1993.

Rama Farm is a family owned and managed organic farm in Bridgeport, Washington.


Searching for Sustainability

Creating a profitable livelihood benefitting people and the planet since 1991.

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Promoting Biodiversity

Alpacas for on-farm nutrient management, honey bees and pollinator beds, and 80% of farm left in natural shrub steppe environment.

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Building Community

Celebrating 25 years of
selling directly to our customers at Seattle farmers markets.


We base our farm management decisions on principles that respect the long and short term economic and environmental health of our valuable natural resources.

Rama farm, llc


Our management strategies are based on protecting the quality of the water, soil, air, and wildlife habitat and strive to improve the economic and environmental vitality of our farm.

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You can buy our products online

pre-order for pickup at the Seattle U District farmers market on Saturdays during July, August, and September!


Rick Lynn and Marilynn Rose
Rama Farm, LLC
PO Box 607, Bridgeport, WA 98813, US

(509) 733-8066 info@ramafarm.com 


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